Parents Reps
     Each team is recommended to have at least 1 parent rep, preferably 2 ,to act as a liaison between the coach, the team parents and the CCL.

  • Parent Reps will serve as the site supervisor game days.
  • Log win/losses on the website.
  • Log player stats onto the website.
  • Collect and organize
    • Birth Certificates
    • Signed Code of Ethics 
    • Sports Physical
  • Distribute fundraising/sponsorship information out to parents.
  • Find volunteers for game day duties
  • Help with players rides to games if needed
  • Organize the end of season banquet.
  • Fundraise for the coaches gift.

     Spouses of Coaches, Significant Others of Coaches and Assistant Coaches are not permitted to fill the role of Parent Rep. This allows for more open communication between the parents and the coaching staff.   At the option of each team, parent reps may also be responsible for organizing tournament lunches, postseason banquets, etc.
Game Day Duties
     At each game home or away the parent rep will need to provide parent volunteers to perform certain jobs that make the games run more smoothly. IT IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED TO UTILIZE SIGN UP SHEETS. 

These tasks and the number of volunteers needed are as follows:
Home Games


  • Field Set-up - 2 Volunteers
    • Home Games Only
  • Concessions - 2 Volunteers
    • Home Games Only
  • Tear-Down and Cleanup  Crew - 3 Volunteers
    • Home Games Only
  • Ball Chasers – 2 Volunteers
    • Home Games Only

Away Games 

  • Stats crew - 2 Volunteers
  • Clock and Score Board Crew -2 volunteers
    • If needed.
  • Snack Crew  - 2 Volunteers
    • Apple wedges, orange wedges that kind of item.
  • Water Crew - 1 Volunteer

     Parent Rep will provide direction to the volunteers for set-up and closing the field for each home game day. Parent Reps and coaches are responsible for leaving fields in acceptable condition.